Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Rant on STRESS!

I AM STRESSED! And not just a little stressed but a lot of stressed. I have always been a stress filled person, more of an old woman then a teenager (HA), and its all because of one thing, SCHOOL!
Now i know i am not the only person feeling this way, or it least i hope i'm not. At this very moment i am studying for 2 exams. For this week is dun dun dun DUNNNN Finals week. Lovely! The 2 exams i am taking are these; Spanish and English. Yes you read that right, 2 different languages. how on earth will i go from one to another! At this point i have no clue but im reaching towards perseverance! In light of the situation and to help not drive myself completely insane i decided to make a list of the things that help me cope, barely, with stress! 

1. Dance: No i do not mean getting up and spazzing out on the bed i mean actually dancing! I did ballet and let me tell you i felt as stress free as can be!
2. Eat: I know that is probably not the best way to relieve stress but hey im being honest, pigging my face out helps me or at least i think it helps!
3. Take a nap: i do not care how old you are, the minute you curl up and drool all over the place your stress floats away.
4. Paint Nails; I do this all the time, though i look like the crazy lady whose nails change every other day it helps a lot!
5. Watch TV: Whatever show on whatever channel, watch a comedy, laugh until you pee a little (not literally), be happy, and stress free.
6. Music: Yes the most common out is music, i love listening to music when im feeling like i could rip my hair out it helps make me, well, not want to do that!
7. Work out: believe me it burns my tongue to say it but yes working out is gods gift from heaven to stress relief, once i start running  okay walking on that treadmill i feel 10000000 times better.
8. Just stop doing whats stressing you out!: TAKE A BREAK! we all need it every once and a while and its okay! 

Well i hope you liked my little rant and non helpful tips on how to get rid of stress! Night everyone reading my blog! - Megan
P.S. Its late so excuse my grammer mistakes i know there are some!

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